The reason that we started CBDFLOWER.COM is probably not unlike the reason that you’re visiting our site today. We saw the potential for CBD to offer relief and a quality-of-life improvement, and we wanted to get involved.

We’re the founders of CBDFLOWER.COM, Johnathan (34) and Dominic (30). We’re both from Nyack, NY, and when the CBD market started to take off, we saw a way that we could not only provide for our families, but we could also help to serve your family as well.

Chronic pain is debilitating. It has the ability to steal joy from every second of your day while it controls your life. When pain isn’t ruining your life, it’s also taking a toll on the people around you.

CBD offers a wide spectrum of help in a product that’s all-natural, non-toxic, and non-addictive. What other product can say that?

Your quality of life is our concern. We hope that you’ll work together with your physician and look into the broad range of options and therapies that CBD can provide. As you travel on that path to holistic wellness and a richer life, we promise that Johnathan, Dominic and everyone here at CBDFLOWER.COM will be there to support you every step of the way.